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If my style and your vision are a good match, let’s chat!

I have limited availability and care deeply about each one of my clients. To start things off, it is a great idea to check my pricing before contacting me, as my prices typically stay true to what is listed unless a lot of expensive flowers are chosen.

If my prices are in your budget, please fill out the form under “contact.” This form gives me an initial understanding of what is wanted. If your date is available, we will set up a time to meet in person (when possible) to go over every detail. In this consultation we will cover flowers, greenery, ribbon, vases, event schedule, inspiration, etc. to make sure we are exactly on the same page! After meeting, I will create a personalized vision board containing everything discussed, as well as a detailed bid. A lot of time and effort go into this process, and in order to ensure a quality experience for everyone involved, there is a $75 non-refundable consultation fee. When booked, this fee will go towards your final cost.

The last step is the contract! Once signed, there is an additional $200 non-refundable booking fee that will go towards your final cost. This ensures that your date is on my calendar, and gives me the security to place an order for your flowers and supplies.

If you cancel your wedding/event after booking, there may be additional costs for items already ordered that I am unable to return.

What may seem like a bit of a process, will give us both the peace of mind and quality that your big day deserves!